Hair removal refers to the process of removing hair from the body.

The most common methods of hair removal are shaving, waxing, sugaring, depilatory cream, and electrolysis.

The amount of time it takes to remove hair can vary depending on the type of method used for removal. Shaving typically takes about 60 seconds and is done daily with proper care. Waxing can take 2-3 hours for a lower leg and 4-6 hours for an arm and requires appointments at a salon or spa. Sugaring requires the use of sugar, making it a more laborious process. Depilatory creams only work on the skin while electrolysis can be done at home with treatment not as effective as that of a professional since it is hard to find certified professionals in many areas.

Benefits of Hair removal

1. Removes unwanted hair from the body

Hair removal is an option for people who are uncomfortable with the presence of hair on their bodies. There are a variety of reasons for not wishing to have hair; some choose to remove it for aesthetic purposes and others do so because they don’t like the pain and hassle that comes from having it.

2. The prevention and treatment of disease

Shaving is one method that prevents ingrown hairs (which causes disease). Removing hair that’s close to the skin helps prevent infection and itching. The treatment of disease is also important; applying an antiseptic cream after shaving or waxing can help reduce the risk of infection and irritation. Electrology has been proven to treat conditions such as acne and ingrown hairs.

3. Improves appearance

Facial hair can make a person look older than they are. Removing hair helps women look younger, especially with excessive amounts of facial hair such as unibrows or burr eyebrows. When hair is removed, one’s face will become cleaner and more beautiful.

4. Creates a smooth appearance

Removing hair from the body can give the appearance of a smoother or softer area of skin. Sucking or pulling at an area with uneven skin allows for blood vessels to become noticeable and give an overall smoother look to the treated area.


If you’re interested in removing hair from your upper body and face, it is best to talk with a doctor about what techniques are suitable for you.

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