Pregnancy is a unique but stressful situation in a woman’s life. As a result, prenatal and postnatal care is of critical importance so there won’t be any complication. MegaFood has developed a variety of different supplements to support and nourish every woman who is expecting and here is a list of our suggestions:

1.Blood Builder Minis

This product is specially formulated to offer 26 mg of iron per serving, boosting your energy without any gastrointestinal side effect. Its folic acid and B12 vitamin content, ensures healthy red blood cells production, as shown by an 8-week clinical trial, thus making it one of our stand-out choices.

2.Baby & Me 2 Prenatal Multi Minis

A perfect supplement for every woman during and after pregnancy. Combining key ingredients such as iron and B12 with real food-like organic oranges and broccoli benefits her nutrition, while cholate and methylated folate protects fetal health.

3.Baby & Me 2 Morning Sickness Nausea Relief Soft Chews-Honey Lemon Ginger Flavor

Morning sickness and indigestion can be pregnancy symptoms of utter discomfort. This explains why MegaFood has created these convenient and delicious soft chews. With a 12.5 mg of B6 vitamin content and 250 mg organic ginger root this product can be pregnancy-induced nausea’s worst enemy.

4.Women's Preconception Daily Packs Essentials

MegaFood has developed an ideal supplement even for women of child-bearing age. Its Q10 coenzyme is great for every female’s egg health while vitamin D can be a beneficial nutrient for conception. One pack per day is the suggested dosage for maximum results.

5.Baby & Me 2 Prenatal Multi Gummies

These red raspberry-flavored gummies are specifically developed to optimize prenatal care. With 17 different key nutrients, including a blast of B complex vitamins, folic acid, and choline, this product ensures normal fetal brain development.

6.Baby & Me 2 Postnatal Multi

Postnatal care is equally important to prenatal for a woman. Hence, MegaFood has created this unique supplement with key nutrients and organic moringa leaf to boost lactation and satisfy all your post-pregnancy nutrition needs.

7.Baby & Me 2 Prenatal Probiotic + Prebiotic

This doctor-formulated product from MegaFood is perfect for expectant women. Containing an astounding number of 14 different strains of 30 billion probiotics and prebiotics, it enhances digestive health and nutrient absorption.

8.Baby & Me 2 Prenatal DHA & Choline

These vegan-friendly capsules are specially developed with 250 mg algae-derived DHA and 200 mg of choline, key ingredients for fetal brain and eye development. Two liquid capsules along with food and a beverage can be all that you need.

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