Yoga has seen a resurgence in popularity, largely thanks to celebrities who use it as the centerpiece of their workouts and the long list of health benefits that come along with it. But, there are several ways you can reap the benefits yourself without being on a reality TV show or personality on social media, with this list of five exercises and activities for any level:

Back pain relief

Yoga is easy to do no matter how busy your schedule is and can help alleviate back pain. Watch out for poses that put too much pressure on your hips because they often contribute to lower back pain and trigger points.

Strength and flexibility

Yoga can help improve your flexibility. As a result, you might run faster and jump higher. It is also good for core strength training and will help tone the muscles in your arms, legs, hips, and abdominals.

Helps to stretch muscles via poses

Yoga includes one of the intriguing ways to get your body’s muscles properly stretched out and toned. You should monitor your form while performing these poses because they are not like ones you’d perform in the gym but offer benefits that are more than worth it.

Good for your heart and lungs.

Yoga has been shown to benefit your blood pressure and the flexibility of your blood vessels. That can lead to a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack, as well as help to improve lung health by increasing oxygen flow through them.

Improves balance and stability

Many poses require balance, even if they seem easy at first glance. Doing these poses regularly will help you improve your balance and stability, which can lead to reduced risk for injury in other parts of your life. So, go ahead and add yoga to your life today.

Yoga is good for you. It’s an intriguing way to get in shape without spending hours in the gym and can improve your strength, flexibility, and balance.

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